Culture, History and Aviation Legacy


Emerald Aerospace is located in the heartland of United States, in the city of Wichita, Kansas.

Wichita has nearly 100 years of aircraft manufacturing history. The Kansas Department of Commerce estimates that over 250,000 general aviation aircraft have been manufactured in Wichita. That number does not include over 3,500 B-29, B-47 and B-52 heavy bombers built and delivered from the site that Emerald now occupies.

Wichita is located on the I-35 Aerospace Corridor which begins in San Antonio Texas, trails up through Waco and Dallas/Ft. Worth, through Oklahoma and into Kansas. Of all the places along the I-35 Corridor, none has the rich aviation history and skill-sets that are found in Wichita. Away from the huge population centers to the south, Wichita offers a quality of life and Midwestern work ethic found nowhere else in the industry. Wichita has rightly earned its title “The Air Capital of the World.”

Nightlife, Theater, Shopping, Cultural Events and more abound in Wichita. The people of Wichita are friendly, down to earth and very proud of their community. Let Wichita seduce you as it has many other unsuspecting visitors.