Full Range


EMERALD AEROSPACE LLC is an FAA approved FAR Part 145 Repair Station for wide-body aircraft (up to Boeing 747 class) modifications.

EMERALD AEROSPACE offers a full range of certification options covering STCs, ground & flight testing, parts installation conformities, stress analysis and a host of other regulatory compliance capabilities that provide our customers a full service menu under one roof.

Certification ranks at the top of our internal capabilities – offering our customers the full compliment of modifications and the required regulatory compliance necessary in re-delivering your aircraft with full airworthiness.

Meeting your aesthetic, function and operational requirements are paramount. All such requirements are in one way or another tied to certification – and it’s here our certification specialists excel in meeting even the most demanding requirements.

No matter how interested individual employees might be, or what assistance a manufacturer offers, or how insistent a certificating authority might be—none of these factors will have a significant effect on safety without support from top management.

— John O’Brian, ALPA’s Engineering and Air Safety Department